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Non-Invasive Optical Oxygen Analyzers, Permeation Analysis / OTR Oxygen Transmission Rate Testing, In-line Process Monitoring and Oxygen Measurement Accessories. OxySense Technology Complies With ASTM F2714-08 For Headspace Analysis As Well As ASTM F3136-15 For Film Permeation/OTR.

Welcome to OxySense®, the leading source of non-invasive oxygen measurement systems and permeation testing solutions for packers and processors worldwide. OxySense optical oxygen analyzers, oxygen permeation measurement/OTR system and oxygen measurement accessories serve the needs of packaging labs, packaging quality control labs, processors and packagers. The OxySense oxygen measurement system is unique not only for its ability to measure oxygen non-invasively, but also for its ability to measure oxygen in headspace as well as dissolved in liquids. It is an optical system that can measure oxygen concentration within packages that are transparent, semi-transparent, and translucent; and as long as the packaging material can transmit blue and red light (at approximately 470nm and 610nm respectively), oxygen measurements can be made. Our oxygen analyzers comply with the ASTM standard F2714-08.


Optical Oxygen Analyzers, Permeation Analyzers, and Process Monitoring Capabilities Chart

Click on the link below to compare all oxygen analyzers and oxygen measurement systems. Decide which oxygen measurement system is right for you. For additional information e-mail us at info@oxysense.com

OxySense Optical Oxygen Analyzers, Permeation Testing and Process Monitoring Features

Introducing A Very Powerful And Easy To Use Portable Oxygen Analyzer

Introducing A Very Powerful And Easy To Use Portable Oxygen Analyzer

OxySense Portable Oxygen Analyzer: The ideal oxygen measurement system for testing packages, wine bottles, wine boxes, line start up, flow monitoring for both gas and liquid and, anoxic chambers and environments. Read the OxySense Portable Oxygen Analyzer press release arrow pointing to the OxySense Portable Oxygen Analyzer

OxySense Portable Oxygen Analyzer

The Sidewinder Invasive Measurement Needle

Get the Latest OxySense Oxygen Measurement Software

OxySense software updates/downloads for the Gen-III and Gen-II oxygen analyzers.
The Gen-III software supports the OxySense oxygen analyzers 310, 325i, 5000, 5250i and the portable oxygen analyzer.
The Gen-II software supports the OxySense 210T and 4000B oxygen analyzers.

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