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OxySense® the Leader in Optical Oxygen Analyzers Was a Huge Success at Pack Expo 2014

OxySense, Inc. a pioneer of the first non-invasive optical oxygen analyzers and permeation testing instruments for the packaging, food & beverage industries was a huge success at Pack Expo International 2014.

The OxySense Team was very pleased to see the overwhelming interest and enthusiasm from new visitors as well as from existing loyal and satisfied customers. New visitors were very impressed with the OxySense Oxygen Analyzers and quickly realized how powerful and easy-to-use they can be.

OxySense, Inc. is the international leader in optical oxygen sensor systems.  Its solutions are tailored for the needs of the food, beverage, wine and pharmaceutical industries. The OxySense Technology and its innovative optical sensing systems can be found in research labs and on the production floors of many of the world's most progressive companies.

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