OxySense at PackExpo Was a Success!

Thank you for visiting OxySense® at PackExpo 2013. At OxySense, we are the pioneers in non-invasive optical oxygen measurement systems & permeation testing solutions.

We want to thank everyone who visited us from all over the world. We are very pleased to see the overwhelming amount of interest and enthusiasm from new contacts, as well as the continued loyalty from our satisfied customers.

Optical oxygen analyzers and permeation testing systems demonstrated at PackExpo 2013:

OxySense PortablePortable oxygen analyzer, includes Windows 8 tablet that that you can take to the field and back to the lab. The OxySense Portable Oxygen Analyzer is a full function, portable oxygen analyzer that can be used to take oxygen measurements in the field, as well as in the lab. This versatile instrument features advanced user friendly software which enables the user to perform essentially any and all oxygen measurements and monitoring functions, in both gas and liquid.
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OxySense 5250i - All-in-one optical oxygen analyzer. The stand alone system can beused for non-invasive and invasive oxygen measurements in oil, water and air, and also performs permeability analysis (OTR) for film, bottles and packages. Read more |Request info

OxyPerm System - Fully Scalable Permeation System for Films, Bottles, and Packages. The OxyPerm System is an add-on to the unique OxySense 5250i solution. It offers accurate and timely oxygen transmission rate (OTR) testing for films, bottles and finished packages. Read more |Request info

OxySentry SystemIn-line Oxygen Monitoring Control System offering complete process control. The OxySentry® System is specifically designed to monitor the oxygen continuously in Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) applications. The OxySentry Systemis easy to install. It can also be easily retrofitted to existing MAP Lines. Furthermore the OxySenstry System is easy to operate with virtually no maintenance. Read more |Request info| Read the OxySentry White Paper

OxySense 325i - Optical oxygen analyzer. Our base model offers the ideal solution for conducting non-invasive or invasive oxygen measurements in oil, water or air. Simple one click oxygen measurements! Read more |Request info

OxySense Oxygen Measurement Accessories:

Permeation - OTR (Oxygen Transmission Rate) - Permeation Chamber, Permeation Gas Flow Meter, BottlePerm Fixture
Sensors and Calibration - The OxyDot - O2xyDot® - OxySense Application Kit, Calibration Chamber
Invasive Oxygen Measurement Accessories --- the OxySense The Sidewinder Needle,
OxyPress - Bottle and Can Press
Sample Tracking System - SampleTracking Scanner, SampleTracking Printer

All of our visitors were excited to see our innovative new products which allows for new applications for both quality control and process control. Our state-of-the art line of optical oxygen analyzers and permeation testing systems opens the world to new and better choices combined with the knowledge and personalized assistance the OxySense Team provides. OxySense prides itself in customer relationship, ready to help you by providing solutions and support.

At OxySense, we are committed to ensuring that our customers have the best available tools to accomplish their oxygen measurement tasks. For additional information, e-mail us at info@oxysense.com.

Optical Oxygen Analyzers and Permeation Testing Instruments