OxySense Oxygen Measurement Technology

Advantages & Benefits:

  • Non-destructive oxygen measuring technique
  • Thousands of oxygen measurements per package
  • Fast oxygen measurements (< .1 second)
  • Accuracy at ambient, 5% of the reading
  • Reproducibility is better than 1% (0.2% O2)
  • Sterilization tested up to 150°C (1sp hr.), can withstand pasteurization
  • Oxygen analyzers can be used in oil, water and air
  • Independent of pH (2-12) and salt concentration
  • No interference from other gases

No matter what your oxygen measurement or monitoring requirement, OxySense can provide an easy-to-use, efficient and economic oxygen analyzer / oxygen measurement system. Contact us with your requirements and give us the opportunity to show you the innovative OxySense oxygen analyzers.