OxySentry® System

Inline Oxygen Monitoring Control System

The OxySentry® System is specifically designed to monitor the oxygen in MAP chambers. It is an accurate, fast and low cost method of monitoring and controling oxygen levels in either continuous or batch flush systems. Easy to install, easy to operate and virtually no maintenance.
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  1. The OxySentry System is designed to provide customized installations using proven and standard and tested components. This means lower costs and shorter lead times for both new and retrofit installation.
  2. The OxySentry can operate as an independent unit or be fully integrated into the Line controller/PLC. Programming time and costs are minimal due to OxySentry's seamless PLC interface system.

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  • Continuous or Batch Monitoring
  • Non-extractive Measurement
  • Real Time Measurement and Control
  • User Friendly Operation
  • Both Stand Alone and Fully Integrated Install Options
  • Seamless PLC Interface
  • Easy to Install and Service
  • Easy User Calibration
  • Automatic Data Logging
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  1. Minimal Operating Cost
  2. Minimal Maintenance—No Pump or moving Parts
  3. No Annual Off Site Calibration Requirement
  4. No High Temp Sensors
  5. Easily Integrated Into Existing or New Installations
  6. Low Initial Cost

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In-line Oxygen Monitoring System - Part Number: X-1100

O2 Operating Range 0-30%
Temperature Range 0—60o C
Lower Detection Limits 0.03% (300 ppm)
Accuracy 5% of the Reading


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