Oxygen Measurement Techniques

OxySense® Technology - Non-Invasive Oxygen Measurement System

OxySense, is the first non-invasive oxygen measurement system for sealed packages. It is tailored for the needs of the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries.

The system is unique not only for its ability to measure oxygen non-invasively, but also for its ability to measure oxygen in headspace as well as in dissolved liquids. It is an optical system that can measure oxygen concentration within packages that are transparent, semi-transparent, and translucent; and as long as the packaging material can transmit blue and red light (at approximately 470nm and 610nm respectively), a measurement can be made.

Our technology relies on a non-invasive, light sensitive, oxygen sensor that we call the:
(O2xyDot®). Placed in packages prior to filling, measurements are achieved simply with a
fiber-optic reader pen from outside the package.

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Industries that use/benefit from the OxySense Oxygen Measurement System:

  • Packaging Quality Control labs
  • Processors and packagers
  • Food & Beverage
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Process
  • Bio-medical
  • Environmental
  • Packagers working with plastic films
  • PET bottles and limited life DVD's
  • Wine
  • Museum - Art and Artifact Conservation, Preservation and Fumigation

No matter what your oxygen measurement or monitoring requirement, OxySense can provide an easy-to-use, efficient and economic oxygen analyzer / oxygen measurement system. Contact us with your requirements and give us the opportunity to show you the innovative OxySense oxygen analyzers.

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