Optical Oxygen Analyzers, Scalable Permeation System for Films, Bottles and Packages and Inline Oxygen Monitoring

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PRODUCT FEATURES Laboratory Optical Oxygen Analyzers
Oxygen Analyzer
Oxygen Analyzer
OxyPerm System
oxygen analyzer, oxygen analyser 5250i oxygen analyzer - oxygen analyser 325i Permeation System (OTR) Oxygen Transmission Rate
Non-invasive / non-destructive / non-extractive oxygen measurements
Passive oxygen measurements
Complies with ASTM standard F2714-08
Easy user DOT calibration
No annual instrument calibration
No annual maintenance
Solid state (no pumps)
Integrated temp and pressure compensation
Light weight oxygen measurement unit
Uses OxyDot - O2xyDot® - Oxygen Sensor (sold separately)
Simple one click O2 oxygen measurements
Unlimited number of concurrent tests
Automatic full data logging
Real time graphing and log display
Timer for long term testing
SampleTracker bar code software for multi test management
Invasive oxygen measurement accessories available
Stand alone oxygen measurement system includes PC/processor
Touch screen operation
External computer required
Uses OxySense Permeation Chambers (sold separately)
Uses OxySense BottlePerm Fixtures (sold separately)
Conducts unlimited number of package permeation/OTR studies
Conducts unlimited number of film permeation/OTR studies
Conducts unlimited number of bottle permeation/OTR studies
Integrated permeation/OTR reports

No matter what your oxygen measurement or monitoring requirement, OxySense can provide an easy-to-use, efficient and economic oxygen analyzer / oxygen measurement system. Contact us with your requirements and give us the opportunity to show you the innovative OxySense oxygen analyzers.

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