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New ASTM Standard Approved For Dynamic Accumulation OTR

OxySense®, Inc., a pioneer of developing and providing non-invasive optical oxygen analyzers and Dynamic Accumulation permeation solutions for the packaging industry, is pleased to announce that the just released ASTM standard F3136-15 "Standard Test Method for Oxygen Gas Transmission Rate through Plastic Film and Sheeting using a Dynamic Accumulation Method" validates the Dynamic Accumulation Film Permeation Chamber technology that OxySense has been providing to many of the leading packaging labs and film manufacturers around the world since 2008.

Film Permeation ChamberThis standard is the first new film permeation standard to be published in seven years. ASTM standard F3136-15 is an important next step in supporting the ever evolving OTR (oxygen transmission rate) needs of the packaging industry. Low cost, durable and simple to use Dynamic Accumulation OTR products adhering to ASTM standard F3136-15 are compelling alternatives to traditional steady-state related products.

A description of the Dynamic Accumulation OTR methodology, including data confirming its comparability to the legacy steady-state methodology, can be found in the article "Comparison of New Dynamic Accumulation Method for Measuring Oxygen Transmission Rate of Packaging against the Steady-State Method Described by ASTM D3985," by Ayman Abdellatief and Dr. Bruce A. Welt of the University of Florida, Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering, funded by the Florida Agricultural Experiment Station and OxySense, Inc.

Adapt Multiple Permeation Chambers"OxySense was pleased to have initiated and led the development of ASTM standard F3136-15. This standard is vital to the packaging film marketplace as it supports the expansion of economically priced fluorescence-based OTR solutions," said Ken Culver, president and CEO of OxySense. "OxySense is proud of its commitment to provide its Dynamic Accumulation OTR products as a viable alternative to the costly steady-state OTR approach. We look forward to sharing the unique capabilities of our Dynamic Accumulation OxyPerm OTR System with the ever inquisitive packaging film marketplace."

OxySense was first to commercialize Dynamic Accumulation permeation solutions in conjunction with original research performed by University of Florida and subsequent U.S. Patent No. 8,567,236 held by the University of Florida Research Foundation, Inc.

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