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Packaging Technology - Measuring Oxygen Transmission Rates

An Article in Packaging Technology and Science
Validates OxyPerm Methodology For Measuring
Oxygen Transmission Rates.

An article in Packaging Technology and Science, published online in Wiley Online Library (wileyonlinelibrary.com) confirms the comparability of the Dynamic Accumulations permeation methodology to the legacy steady-state methodology (ASTM D38985).

The article titled "Comparison of New Dynamic Accumulation Method for Measuring Oxygen Transmission Rate of Packaging against the Steady-State Method Described by ASTM D3985" by Ayman Abdellatief and Dr. Bruce A. Welt of the Packaging Engineering Program, Agricultural and Biological Engineering Department, Institute of Agricultural Sciences, University of Florida, describes the new methodology and comparative results with the traditional steady-state methodology.

The Dynamic Accumulation methodology was developed by OxySense, Inc., the leader in optical oxygen measurement systems for the packaging industries. The OxyPerm System is part of the standard software package for the OxySense 5250i.

With OxyPerm, the user can perform package permeation studies, film permeation studies and even "live" package (packages filled with real product – either dry or liquid), all with the same instrument.

Go to the Wiley Online Library and read the article confirming the OxyPerm methodology for measuring oxygen transmission rates (OTR).

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