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Advancement in Permeation Measurement Technology

Oxysense Announces A Major Advance In Permeation Measurement Technology

OxySense announces a major advance in permeation measurement technology. Developed in conjunction with a major university packaging program, where the system was tested and verified, the new OxyPerm software used with the field proven OxySense 5250i OTR system produces results the are " statistically identical" to the Mocon Oxtran, "but with less overall variation."

A top of the line permeation system:

  • For film, perforated film, bottles and containers that costs a fraction of the conventional permeation systems:
  1. To Buy To Operate (no big gas bills)
  2. To Maintain - No costly annual factory service and calibration
  • The permeation system is scalable from 1 to 250 test chambers
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