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New Portable Oxygen Analyzer by OxySense

Oxysense Releases Its New Portable Non-invasive Oxygen Measurement Instrument

OxySense Inc., announced today the release of its new fully portable, full function oxygen measurement instrument, the OxySense Portable.

The OxySense Portable is designed for users who need to measure and monitor the oxygen levels of processes and products on the factory floor, in the users' facilities or somewhere other than the lab. It is designed to provide lab quality performance with shop floor durability.

In the field mode, the 6000 is ideal for monitoring oxygen levels of flows of gas or liquids on line, and spot checking products and product performance in the field. In the lab mode, the 6000 has the same capabilities as OxySense's top of the line lab instrument, the OxySense 5250i.

OxySense® is the leader in optical oxygen measurements systems. OxySense introduced the first commercial non invasive oxygen measurement system for the food and beverage packaging industries in 2001, Over the past ten year, OxySense has expanded the system capabilities and applications, so that today the versatile OxySense system can perform virtually any and all oxygen measurement tests required.

Fully compliant with ASTM Standard 2714-08, OxySense systems can be found in most of the leading packing design testing facilities around the world.

Now you can take you lab to the work!

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