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Oxysense joins the TMI Family

Industrial Physics, Inc., a Boston-based test and measurement manufacturer, today announced the purchase of the assets of OxySense, Inc. OxySense is the leading source of non-invasive optical oxygen measurement systems and permeation testing solutions for packers and processors worldwide. OxySense is headquartered in Dallas, TX with a manufacturing plant in Las Vegas, NV

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UF helps set new standard in package film testing

OxySense was instrumental in the approval of a new ASTM standard for gas permeation testing for flat packaging films based on a patent granted to the University of Florida.

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OxySense Expands Its OxyPerm Permeation/OTR System Capabilities

OxySense®, Inc. a pioneer of the first non-invasive optical oxygen analyzers and permeation testing instruments for the packaging, food & beverage industries, today announced the expansion of its revolutionary oxygen permeation measurement system, the OxyPerm Permon eation/OTR System.

The OxyPerm Permeation/OTR System traditionally included the ability to test flat films using its economical yet accurate and reliable OxySense 5250i oxygen analyzer and low cost, easily scalable, patented permeation chambers. With the recent introduction of its BottlePerm Fixture, the same capabilities offered for flat films are now available for bottles and cups as well.

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OxySense Announces New Multi-Functional
"BottlePerm" Permeation Fixture

OxySense®, Inc. a pioneer of the first non-invasive optical oxygen analyzers and permeation testing instruments for packaging industries, today announced the addition of its BottlePerm Fixture to its array of permeation/oxygen transmission rate (OTR) accessories.

This fixture allows bottle, cork, cap and closure, as well as plastic cup manufacturers to run permeation/OTR measurements with ease. 

The BottlePerm Fixture is designed to facilitate the determination of the oxygen transmission rate (OTR) of a bottle by providing a platform on which to easily seal and then purge a bottle of all oxygen.

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Texas High School Student Wins at a Science Fair Using an OxySense Oxygen Analyzer

OxySense, Inc. the leader in optical oxygen measurement systems congratulates Nishali Naik, who won first place in her Science fair category "How to Breathe Underwater?".

OxySense congratulates Nashali Naik, the Texas high school student who used the optical oxygen analyzer OxySense 5250 to measure dissolved oxygen for her science fair project in the Environmental Sciences category. The title of her project was "How to Breathe Underwater?".

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OxySense Software Update

OxySense announced an upgrade of its Website (oxysense.com)to make the downloading of new and updated software easier and more user-friendly.

As part of OxySense Inc.'s ongoing commitment to provide their customers with the best technology available, the company announced an upgrade of its Website (OxySense.com) to make the downloading of new and updated software easier and more user-friendly.

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The Leader in Non-Invasive Oxygen Measurement Introduces a Breakthrough Invasive Measurement Device!

OxySense Inc., the leader in optical and non-invasive oxygen measurement system announced the new Sidewinder Invasive Measurement Needle.

The Sidewinder Needle allows users of the OxySense state-of-the-art system to measure headspace and dissolved oxygen in closed and opaque containers.

The Sidewinder Needle allows users to perforate rigid containers (cans, bottles and PET packages) and flex packs and take measurements with the same award winning OxySense system and technology they use for their non-invasive tests and permeation studies.

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Packaging Technology - Measuring Oxygen Transmission Rates

An Article in Packaging Technology and Science Validates OxyPerm Methodology For Measuring Oxygen Transmission Rates.

An article in Packaging Technology and Science, published online in Wiley Online Library (wileyonlinelibrary.com) confirms the comparability of the Dynamic Accumulations permeation methodology to the legacy steady-state methodology (ASTM D38985).


Oxysense Permeation Gas Flow Meter

Announcing A New Product That Will Further Enhance The Performance Of Its Industry Leading Optical Oxygen Permeation System, Oxyperm.

OxySense, Inc., the leading supplier of optical oxygen measurement systems to the packaging industries announced a new product that will further enhance the performance of its industry leading optical oxygen permeation system, OxyPerm.


OxySense Expands Its Relationship with Packaging Schools

OxySense Packaging School Initiative!

OxySense, Inc., the leader in oxygen measurement and monitoring systems for the packaging industries, announced today a new initiative to expand its relationship with college and university level packaging schools across the United States and internationally.


Advancement in Permeation Measurement Technology

Oxysense Announces A Major Advance In Permeation Measurement Technology

OxySense announces a major advance in permeation measurement technology. Developed in conjunction with a major university packaging program...